Saturday, January 2, 2010


This little book is a guiding book to Islam, where we are trying to vanish away the chaos that is hiding the reality of Islam. Therefore, we hope that you receive this book with open arms without a jot of prejudice to understand Islam as it is not as it has been depicted in the media. Then, let's pray God-Allah Almighty that this book would be a good introduction for the correct knowledge of Islam, the religion of all the messenger of Allah Almighty from Adam to Mohammad peace be upon them.


The lady in Red said...

Assalamualeku, keifa Haluká? Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is very nice. It is really good your idea to show a blog to clarify things about Islam. I am Catholic, but I studied Al-Coran and I respect your religion.
That God stay with you and your family,

Best wishes, Ilaliká,

saleh alsayed said...

wualekm Assalam
Obrigado por visitar o meu blog
Take My Breath Away ao cumprimentar Ilqeyte do Islã
A notícia feliz de você ler o Alcorão (a Palavra de Deus)
Espero que o futuro mais e você reconhece o Islã
Saleh Alsayed