Saturday, January 2, 2010

What is Islam?

Chapter Two

What is Islam?

Islam means ‎submission, obedience, surrender and compliance with the command and ‎prohibition of the commander without objections. Allah has named the true ‎religion, ‘Islam’ for it is an obedience to him, submission to His Commands ‎without any resistance, purifying acts of worship for Him, believing in His ‎words and having faith in Him. Islam then became a proper name for the ‎religion brought by Muhammad {P.B.U.H}.‎

Why was this religion named Islam?

Adherents of various religions all over the ‎world have named their religions, either with the name of a man or a particular ‎race like Christianity, which was named after Jesus Christ; and Buddhism was ‎named after its founder Buddha; and Zoroastrianism was named after its founder ‎and flag banner, Zoroaster. Judaism had also emerged among the tribe of Judah ‎and so on. The All-Mighty Allah Himself called it Islam when He said,

{{Truly, the religion with Allâh is Islâm. (Submission to His Will)}} (Holy Qur'an 3:1)
It is only Islam that is not attributed to any particular man or ‎nation. Its name indicates a special characteristic that the meaning of Islam ‎denotes. It is evident in this name that no man has any role in bringing this ‎religion into existence and that it is not peculiar with any nation to the ‎exclusion of others. Its only goal is to make all people of the earth have ‎characteristics of Islam. So, whoever is characterized with the qualities of ‎Islam among ancient people and contemporary people is a Muslim, just as he ‎shall be called a Muslim, and anyone who possesses its qualities among the coming ‎generations.