Saturday, January 2, 2010

What are the proofs that betoken Allah Almighty's existence?

What are the proofs that betoken Allah Almighty's existence?

Allah, to Whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty, has made demonstrations in this universe to enunciate His existence and His singleness.
He has made the signs in the universe as his elementary device to let the human being grasp by his/her brain. The reason can perceive the existence of Allah Almighty by the use of the rational evidence which is put in the world by the Creator.

These demonstrations are as follows:

1. The evidence of creation:
It is known that the human being does neither create him/herself nor does he/she the animals, the plants, and the earth he/she lives on.
The Holy Qur'an has stated this fact in the following verse:

{{Or were they created of nothing, or were they themselves the creators? Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather, they are not certain.}}, (Holy Qur'an 52: 35-36(

2. The evidence of charge:
The vestiges of Allah's attributes and the features of His magnificent creation are existing in every corner of the whole world. Everything is made in the universe is considered as a sign that betokens Allah Almighty Who has created, brought to perfection and excelled in making His creatures.

The unbeliever is the one who finds an elegant dress, and then he/she does not deduce that the existence of this dress gives evidence of the one who has made it. He imputes the existence of the dress to the “Coincidence" that has interfered to make the tip of the thread to get by itself into the threading hole of the needle which moves in a counted movement to end up with the dress by all its minute wonderful details.

Is it possible that a rational person thinks that "the chance" or " the coincidence" is able to make a car that is found in front of his house?

Would he/she say that a wind has blown to gather the pieces of plastic upon the pieces of iron with a pinch of rubber and fragments of glass to make a car??!! ….Or would he/she wonder who has innovated this car by its capacities and accuracy?

Thus, a rational person would not accept that the universe, including its galaxies, planets, earth, seas, is simply created by an irrational nature which has neither an essence nor an existence.

Would a judicious person think that the human body, including its limbs whose structures and duties are accurate, is working as a thorough system depending on the creation of coincidence?

All the data of the modern science highlights of a capable and creative Creator of the world, and its containing.

{{Were they created of nothing, Or were they themselves the creators?}} (Holy Qur'an 52: 35).

3. The evidence of guidance:
When Pharaoh had asked the prophet Moses, peace be upon him, the answer was herewith:

{{Fir'aun (Pharaoh) said: "Who then, O Mûsa (Moses), is the Lord of you two?" [Mûsa (Moses)] said: "Our Lord is He Who gave to each thing its form and nature, then guided it aright."}},
(Holy Qur'an 20: 49-50).

In the simple explanation of Holy Qur'an: " Moses had answered: Our Lord is He Who has given everything He has created its fitting feature to be a sign of His perfect creation. Then, He guided each creature to what is made to accomplish on earth.

Henceforth, Allah Almighty has created each genre of the creatures to be guided to its kind of life-style and to its devices he/she/it provided with.

The birds are lead to migrate thousands of kilometres and then come back to their nests of which they have been already guided to build it.

The fish is also directed to migrate thousands of kilometres and to get back by the same way to its birthplace. For example, the Salmon, which migrates from some of the American rivers to the shores of Europe, is totally capable to come back to the river where it has been born. It simply swims on the opposite direction of the river to put its eggs and to die therefore. The next generation is spontaneously able to do the same steps. To boot, Allah has guided the animals to the way of its nutrition and the manners of hunting. Some other creatures are acquainted with the stratagems of disguise and deviousness etc.

One has mentioned some examples of Allah Almighty's guidance to his creatures:-

When the cat excretes, it does not leave the place unless it covers its stool with the dust.
- The amazing defense in the beehive since it is defended by its bees till the last bee dies during their fight against the hornets. One might wonder Who has taught the bees to make sacrifice of themselves to keep their hive.
- The members of the beehive, who are the workers, are used to choose among the working maggots a larva that is assumed to turn out the queen by consuming the royal nutrition in case of the queen death without progeny.

- The mosquito that is used to put its eggs as bags in the quagmires so as to buoys on the surface of water. Who has taught it the buoyancy rule of Archimedes?
-Who has taught this mosquito to get its nurture from the blood of the human being? Thus, how does it get the substance to secrete in order to stop the thrombosis of the blood and to remain fluid as soon as it inserts its suckers?
- The desert trees which engenders wings to its seeds to fly far away and through miles to look for good opportunities to be implanted over there; Who has taught these trees to make these wings and sunshades? - Who has taught the firefly to be illuminated at night to attract the mosquitoes in order to eat them?

- And the hornet who inserts its stinger inside of the nervous center of the victim insect to be numbed and paralyzed; then, it brings it to its nest to put on it one egg….whenever it hatches, the small insect can find its nurture is fresh and ready to eat. From where does the hornet learn the surgery and the anatomy of the nervous system?